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Courses - Levels - Methodology

Learning Spanish at Spaans Vivo, will provide you with the unique opportunity to engage in real-life communication in the Spanish language. When you are involved in real communication, your natural strategies for language acquisition will be used, and this will allow you to learn to use the language.

There are several methodologies used for teaching a second language. However, during my teaching years I learned that the most important tool that makes learning possible is when the input that you are exposed to is 100% comprehensible. To aim this, we make sure that all the courses are understandable and we manage to achieve this by carefully limiting vocabulary, constantly asking comprehension questions and by including short grammar explanations combined with a lot of repetitions during the lessons. 

In this way we make sure that you can improve your awareness of the structure of Spanish and put it into practice, learn the pronunciation in a correct way, overcome your fear of speaking and expand your vocabulary. 

We also pay a special attention to the Spanish and Latin American culture. ​Latin America has a very diverse population with many ethnic groups and different ancestries, were the Spanish language dominates from México to Argentina.  This diversity enriches the language making it more interesting to learn.

The courses are offered individually or in groups. The time and dates are subject to availability and can be arranged.


Beginners  1 - 2 - 3

By following the beginners courses you will begin to speak Spanish from the first day of the course. Across the 3 modules you will learn how to give and ask for personal information and how to express needs. You will understand and use frequently used expressions, as well as simple phrases intended to satisfy immediate needs.


You will also learn how to describe a city or neighbourhood, how to physically describe a person or how to talk about your family and your daily routine. At the same time you will be able to talk about your hobbies.


​In summary: a student who completes the 3 beginner levels program, will have a basic level of Spanish but sufficient to cope with the primary communicative situations that can be found on a trip to Spain for tourism or vacations.


Intermediate  1 - 2 - 3

By following the intermediate level, you will be able to use simple language constructions to compare places, situations and actions in the present and the in the past. You will be able to get by in everyday situations, such as shops, restaurants, public transport.


You will also be able to understand and produce short Spanish texts, such as messages, emails and personal letters, using simple language. You will refer to plans and projects, express intentions and express moods and ask about physical and pain sensations.


The social uses of the language will allow you to react to information with expressions of interest, surprise, joy, sorrow, etc. You will be able to invite and offer something, accept and reject invitations and offers; apologize for invitations or delays. Finally, you will manage to answer and make a phone call.


Advanced  1 - 2 

With the advanced levels, you will be able to understand and reply detailed information on general conversations and to understand the essential ideas of an oral presentation or speech being able to make a summary.

You will be able to read literature texts, whose understanding only requires a general knowledge of the sociocultural aspects. You will be able to provide detailed information, express your own opinions, as well as to make an oral presentation for a short period of time about different topics. You will be able to understan relevant information to make a summary.


Conversations Courses 

Being confident of your conversational skills in a foreign language will get easier the more you practice. To boost your skills and become more at ease when talking to people, you can join one the conversation courses.

At the moment there are 2 groups open, Intermediate Conversation Course and Advance Conversation Course.

Spanish for kids

The spanish courses for children are specially designed to learn the languague in a playful and fun way.

The courses are for children from 6 till 12 years old.


Business & Private Lessons 

Spaans Vivo offers tailor-made Spanish courses that are specially developed to meet the specific needs of the private student. 


Classes can take place at the company office, at the student's home or in a place agreed by the student and the teacher. The hours of the courses are planned according to the learning needs.

The business or private  course is sealed with the signing of a contract in which Spaans Vivo provides a description of the course, and the agreed – start / end – dates. There can be a flexibility on the dates, because changes in the schedule can occur due to changing needs of the company and / or the private student.


There are different rates for private lessons and group lessons.

For more information about the conditions and rates, please contact us by phone:

+31 6 29448704 or by email:

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